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You might have come across terms like automotive logistics in the supply chain, but do you know what it means? And do you want to know more about how automotive logistics work? That’s what we’ll be covering in this article. The automotive supply chain industry is amongst the most complicated industries in the automobile industry.

It’s no surprise that technology has dramatically enhanced the sector with many firms requiring discrete components to accomplish their production processes and provide high-quality goods. Automotive logistics in the supply chain is a global industry and is very complicated. Without any further delay, let’s get started.

What is automotive logistics in supply chain?

A supply chain is made up of all the companies and individuals engaged in the production of goods, from commodities to completed goods. Shipment, storage, delivery services, transportation, and commercial shipping all fall under the category of logistics. Automotive logistics is the meticulous planning and execution of a complicated car transportation process.

It covers all modes of transportation, such as rail, truck, and marine. The movement of auto components, replacement parts, and whole cars from supplier to consumer is known as automotive logistics and transport, warehousing, unloading, loading, distribution, and data processing are the primary operations.

Its objective is to provide the greatest quality of service at the lowest operational cost possible, and it is marked by the intricacy, competence, and significant infrastructure and labor investment.

Automotive logistics is widely acknowledged as the largest and most sophisticated and professional logistics industry. Production logistics, manufacturing and distribution logistics, car sales logistics, supply logistics, and recycling logistics are all types of logistics.

All arriving and departing goods, products, and equipment that are relevant to your business activities are included in the automotive supply chain. This implies that the dependability and stability of automobile production logistics are critical to your company’s success.

Several components of supply chain management in the automotive and manufacturing industries and important to its sustainability and may be tweaked to perfectly accommodate your demands. Technology integration, recognizing and gathering data, and creating thorough logistical plans are just a few of them. It may also entail the use of creative third-party freight forwarders who may act as supply chain cornerstones.

How does automotive logistics work?

Automotive logistics is a complex, elevated distribution network in which all stages must be well-connected. All transportation businesses across the globe regard it as the most difficult and skilled area.

The mechanization and sophistication of the automotive supply chain may be enhanced by implementing modern logistical technologies, allowing us to reach our aim of cost management and quality enhancement, resulting in total advantages and increased overall effectiveness. The logistics planning and management activities of the automotive supply chain are integrated from the source of the components to the final user.

It thinks in an integrative manner. The automotive supply chain uses this organizational structure, with automotive components suppliers and completed automobile manufacturers, car dealers at all tiers, and final consumers all integrated into one system via feedforward and feedback information flow, the flow of capital, and logistical data.

This activity relates to the operations of supplying automobile manufacturing companies with raw resources, components, and other supplies. The delivery of raw materials and components from producers till the commencement of automobile manufacturing operation is known as automotive supply logistics.

Automotive supply logistics can help keep the manufacturing, transit, and purchase of automobiles moving forward. It is necessary to decrease costs, raise revenue in the supply chain, and maintain the effective management of logistical operations while guaranteeing the availability of materials.

Basic model of automotive logistics in supply chain

Automotive logistics is established concurrently with the whole supply chain and industry environment as an essential element of automotive supply chain management. The automobile transportation method can be organized into different modes. The first one is often quite closed intra-enterprise infrastructure, also known as first-party logistics (1PL).

This is focused on automotive companies’ massive manufacturing capacity and steady supply and demand as a precondition, necessitating vehicle manufacturers to have integrated logistics facilities and human resources. After a seller places an order, the automaker might tell the dealer that the items are ready for delivery at the closest storage facility.

This automaker model requires a significant investment; however, the execution time is short, making it ideal for car manufacturers with mature goods.

The next is third-party logistics, also known as 3PL, which is highly open. This logistical approach is useful for managing end-of-supply-chain companies, finishing product manufacture near customers, lowering shipping costs, decreasing shipping times, and enabling development. Large-scale product customization boosts income and customer happiness for businesses.

The third option is to outsource logistics, which falls somewhere between the first two options. This option is for people who prefer a fully closed logistical system. The price is excessively expensive, which is detrimental to the company’s long-term growth. The firm, on the other hand, is unwilling to sell all of its current logistical assets at once, or to lay off staff, risking a disruption during the changeover.

As a result, several automakers have chosen the outsourcing technique to transfer a portion of their logistical duties, resulting in the emergence of an outsourced logistics model.

Every automobile is made up of parts and pieces, and the quantity and varieties of necessary parts are extremely complicated, requiring millions of different types and amounts, with just a handful being self-produced by automakers. Nevertheless, the majority of them are external parts, with manufacturers located all around the world. As a result, automotive supply chain logistics encompasses a wide variety of activities, all of which are challenging and expensive.


We hope we were able to explain what automotive logistics in the supply chain is and how it works in an uncomplicated manner. The automotive logistics industry is one of the most complicated industries in the world. But no matter what your needs are, Logos Logistics can provide you solutions that will simplify the process and deliver results to you.

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