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Asset-based carrier is providing an array of transportation service offerings

Truckload Service

Truckload services include a sequenced parts delivery shuttle service, long haul/over-the-road, short-haul, and drayage. Our truck hauling services provide our customers with the best logistics service and offer a combination of the latest technology software such as TMS, WMS, and limitless efforts.

Special Service

For those businesses that are looking for additional support, we also offer:

• JIT Sequenced Parts Shuttle
• Over-The-Road (Interstate)
• Flatbed Truckload
• Rail Terminal Drayage (Detroit)

Service By Region

We covere a vast area for all your delivery needs. Whether it is local, regional, or national areas you need your product delivered, we have you covered. More specifically, we cover:

• Midwest area focused
• All destinations in the US

Short Haul Services

Logos Logistics places an immense focus on service offerings pertaining to traditional regional service coverage. We have local drivers that work with a local dispatch team, meaning transparent communication and a knowledgeable expert network within your area.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • With dispatch and driver resources working 24/7, many of our assets are used around the clock
  • We are constantly updating our truck and trailer fleets with trusted partners across the Midwest
  • Our innovative approach to driver recruitment ensures we have the first-class CDL drivers at your disposal
  • Assigned customer service teams with a single point of contact willing to do whatever it takes to answer your questions exceed expectations
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Long Haul Services / Over-The-Road (Interstate)

As an asset-based carrier from the west to east coast, Logos Logistics has consistently provided supreme value to its customers through its owned fleets. With our fully staffed and dedicated Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, Texas and Canadian regional teams and fleets, you can rely on us to get the job done. The vast number of regions serviced give you the flexibility to achieve all your freight needs whether you are shipping long-haul, short-haul or both.

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Intermodal Drayage Services

With our very own truck fleets, Logos Logistics has the flexibility to meet all of your intermodal drayage service transportation needs. We also offer convenient yard locations adjacent to the CSX intermodal terminal, NS Livernois intermodal terminal, and Canadian Pacific intermodal terminal in the Detroit metro area. Our terminal yards are fully fenced and monitored 24/7 by on-site security through a top-rated security company. Cargo Security is a top priority for our customers.

Here are some of the highlights of what’s included:

  • In-house Carrier for Multiple Steamship Lines
  • Pre-Pull Service
  • Expedited Delivery Service
  • Trailer/Container Storage Service
  • CFS Service
  • Chassis Rental

Key benefits with this service include:

  • Single Point of Contact for Better Freight Control
  • GPS Track and Trace by our Fleet Management
  • No Demurrage through Logos Logistics Terminal
  • No Detention through Logos Logistics Warehouse
  • Flexible Capacity by Logos Logistics Owned Fleet
intermodal drayage services midwest logos logistics

Sequenced Parts Delivery

This service can be a part of Just-In-Time manufacturing, where companies minimize the amount of supplies they have in storage in order to cut costs and streamline operations. With Just-In-Sequence, the car company works directly with the shipper and supplier to get the correct deliveries required for manufacturing instantly.

Also, parts come in a specific order, where workers on the assembly line can unpack them directly from shipping containers and install them. Better yet, the manufacturer can specify the order of the parts accurately (color, special feature, etc.) so workers have the exact part when they need it.

Not only does this save time, but also significantly reduce an organization’s costs as item storage are no longer necessary and labor costs can be reduced.

Here is a snapshot of what services are offered here:

  • GPS Tracking 
  • GEO Fence to track In/Out real time in the plant
  • Web Based Tracking and Tracing
  • Trailer Weight Verification
  • Trailer Barcode tracking to verify the sequence
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Service Coverage Area

With multiple 3PL warehouse locations and truck depots, look to Logos Logistics as your one-stop trucking and transportation company.

Michigan, United States

Ohio, United States

Delaware, United States

Case Studies

Sequence Parts Delivery for Major OEM’s Assembly Plant

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