3PL Warehousing

Online access to our powerful warehouse management system solutions provides real time inventory visibility and user-customized reports that improve accuracy, flow and efficiency.

We act like an in-houe logistics partner for our clients, working seamlessly to provide innovative solutions to complex warehousing needs.

EDI/ASN Management

Vendor Managed Inventory

Sequenced Pick & Delivery

Packing &

Distribution Order Management Solution

E-Commerce Fulfillment

Cross Docking

Quality Sorting and Inspection

With a tremendous amount of space, there’s plenty of room for all your fulfillment needs. Here are some highlights of the figures:

  • Value Added Services
  • Multi-Client Warehouse
  • Dedicated Warehouse

Logos Logistics provides professional contract logistics services for supply chains that require more than standard receiving, storing, and shipping of products. Our value-added services provide direct value to your supply chain with more efficient transit times at reduced prices.

Whether it’s a dedicated warehousing or multi-client warehousing unit(s) you need, our value-added contract logistics services for supply chains include kitting, specialty packaging, Kan-ban programs, transportation management and much more!

A Vast Range of Value-Added Services to Choose From

We offer a wide range of value-added services. Here are the highlights of what we offer:

  • Materials Order Management
  • Pick and Pack, Kitting, Labeling
  • Pre-delivery Inspection and Testing
  • Specialty Packaging/Repack
  • Parts Cleaning and Repair
  • Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)
  • Supplier Compliance

Augmented Logistics Solutions

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Maintenance
  • Containment
  • EDI and Document Scanning
  • Light Manufacturing
  • Sequencing and Line-side Delivery
  • Shuttle Runs
  • Returns Processing/Management

Creating Additional Value By WMS

At Logos Logistics, we provide premier warehousing and fulfillment services. From the moment your shipment comes into the time it departs, we are always going one step beyond the call of duty. Everything is conveniently optimized for you through our web portal technology - invoicing and data transfers, online visual warehouse transactions, plus much more! Receive real-time management reporting instantly with the click of a button.

Leveraging The Cost Of Space And Services

Our multi-client warehousing services allow you to focus on your core business while we manage the flow of your materials, in additional to other clients’ – all in one single facility. With this model, costs associated with space, labor and equipment are shared.

Some Of The Highlights Of These Services Include:

  • Free access to Cloud Based Warehouse Management System (WMS)
  • Free download of inventory and transaction report
  • Online inventory and order visibility
  • EDI order/ASN management
  • Vendor managed inventory
  • Sequenced pick & delivery
  • Packing & re-packing
  • Kitting
  • Distribution order management solutions
  • E-Commerce fulfillment
  • Cross docking
  • Quality sorting and inspection

Here, a dedicated warehouse is exclusively provided for your business. These warehouses can either be built specifically for the distribution of your products or leased and customized to your distribution needs.

These dedicated warehouses are ideal for long-term distribution deals, providing you with a greater level of control of your distribution site and associated fixed costs. In choosing a location for a dedicated warehouse, key factors to consider include the flow of your distribution, cost of location, and the availability of labor for your warehouse.

LOGOS WMS gives you the upper hand on inventory management. Technology can do amazing things for a supply chain. Completely integrating that technology into your supply chain and utilizing it to achieve your goals is what makes your strategy a winning strategy.

Industries We Serve

We will provide the equipment and expert third-party logistics support your company needs to ship, store, and safeguard your specific commodity. We accommodate a wide variety of industries including automotive, food, paper, plastics, consumer products, industrial products, containers & packaging, electronics and more. 

  • Automotive Parts

    With decades of industry experience working with leading 99 automakers and suppliers from around the globe, Logos Logistics can help you improve the product development cycle for a successful launch, drive dynamic automotive supply chain solutions, and achieve savings.

  • Food Grade

    Logos has FDA and Michigan State certified food grade warehousing that handles all the challenges associated with food safety management and dry storage. We offer our clients cost-effective solutions for all their food and beverage warehousing needs.

  • Consumer Products

    Logos Logistics warehousing solutions and advanced logistics support will help you stay ahead in the fast-paced consumer products industry. We provide safe and secure facilities to service a variety of categories, including household products, retail clothing and apparel, camping and outdoor products.

  • Containers & Packaging

    We store a variety of containers and packaging including, food, pharmaceutical, transport, pallets, bins, cosmetics, and more!

  • Electronics

    We provide safe and secure facilities to service a variety of electronics solutions, including Computer components and equipment, appliances, audio and visual equipment, car electronics, accessories and peripherals, photography equipment, office electronics, personal electronics, and mobile devices.

  • Industrial Products

    We provide safe and secure facilities to service a variety of categories, including construction materials, tools & industrial components, transportation equipment, containers/storage, and safety equipment.

  • Paper and Plastics

    Our customers rely on our reliability, quick turnaround, quality standards, collaboration, and cost efficiency to ensure that their plastic products and paper products are properly stored and distributed.

  • eCommerce

    We provide all encompassing solution to ensure your business adapts quickly to the ever-changing landscape. A trusted partner who is here with you every step of the way. That’s why we go above and beyond to ensure your end customers are satisfied.

  • Technology

    We offer expert logistics to remain responsive and flexible to the highly competitive technology space. Whether it’s semi-conductors, telecoms, or consumer electronics, we ensure your needs are met with innovate solutions that give you the additional edge.

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