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Logistics solutions tailored to each company through an optimized process

Our contract logistics solutions add value to your supply chain management. We serve as a contract logistics partner for business across all key markets. Whatever your industry, our contract logistics solutions add value to your supply chain management, transportation management, and dedicated contract carriers. Our experienced professionals offer logistics solutions tailored to each company through an optimized process. These include:

Dedicated Contract Carrier

Dedicated Contract Warehouse

3PL Transportation Management Service

Dedicated Contract Carrier

We provide dedicated equipment, safe skilled drivers, and industry leading technology. Our team handles the cost management and analysis of market fluctuations, so you have clear visibility of your transportation production. Logos Logistics Dedicated allows you to focus on your core business while we handle all your transportation solutions.

Some of the highlights include:

  • Customized Equipment for Protecting Your Brand
  • Drivers Specifically Trained for Your Business
  • Guaranteed Capacity
  • Equipment Purchase Agreements
  • On-Site Management
  • Removal of Pricing Volatility
  • Short-Haul and Long-Haul
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Dedicated Contract Warehouse

Here, a dedicated warehouse is provided to you. These dedicated warehouses serve two purposes: for specific product distribution or leased and customized to other distribution needs.

Dedicated warehousing is ideal for long-term distribution deals, providing you with a greater level of control over your distribution site and fixed costs. In choosing a location for a dedicated warehouse, key factors to consider include the flow of your distribution, the cost of location, and the availability of labor for your warehouse.

Logos Logistics WMS gives you the upper hand in inventory management. Technology can do amazing things for a supply chain if used in the right way. Integrating the technology into your supply chain effectively can help you achieve your goals faster and bring you one step closer to that winning strategy.

Some of the highlights include:

  • Integration with Cloud-Based Warehouse Management System (WMS)
  • Free download of inventory and transaction report
  • Online inventory and order visibility
  • EDI order/ASN management
  • Vendor managed inventory
  • Sequenced pick & delivery
  • packing & re-packing
  • Kitting
  • Distribution order management solutions
  • Cross docking
  • Quality sorting and inspection
  • Customized and long term for your need
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3PL Transportation Management Service

We create a complete top-down international & domestic transportation strategy for your delivery via plane, boat, and automobile. Our primary objective is to exceed each of your customer’s requirement by efficient supply chain management. By maximizing your resources and stream-lining your transportation network, cycle times and transportation costs are drastically reduced.

Analyze and Design

Here are some of the ways we design and enhance the management of your transportation:

  • Optimizing transportation route analysis
  • Procuring and negotiating the correct carrier contract tailored to your specific needs
  • Customizing key-performance indicators based on your management reporting requirements

Planning and Implementation

We execute daily tasks in a timely and professional manner. Some of the highlights include:

  • Shipment Planning and Execution
  • Transportation Mode Selection (FTL, FCL, FCL, LTL, Parcel)
  • Carrier Sourcing & Contracting
  • Packaging Consulting

Operation and Improvement

Our objective is to continually improve your transportation network with:

  • On/Off-site Operations
  • Mode (FTL, FCL, LCL, LTL, Parcel) Operation
  • Tracking/Tracing
  • Expedited Service Arrangement
  • OS & D Claims Management
  • Freight Payment & Auditing
  • Logistics KPI Reporting
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Case Studies

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