Automotive Logistic Services

With decades of industry experience and optimal geographical locations near the Big Three Automakers in Detroit, we are able to offer the most ideal logistics solutions for automotive manufacturers and suppliers globally.

Have your equipment, space and labor all managed in in one place.

Logos Logistics raises the bar to provide you with automotive inventory management services you need. Whether it is to store or distribute your automotive parts, count on us as your number one choice. With a well-equipped inventory management system, we can package, kit, and sequence small/large automotive parts directly to the assembly line. We offer plenty of warehouse space for parts and raw materials, all delivered on a “Just-in-Time” (JIT) basis.

There’s a reason a growing number of top brands choose Logos Logistics as their first choice for their automotive servicing logistic needs. Here’s some of the highlights of what we can offer you:

  • EDI Order Management

    For Major OEMSs and global top Tier1 auto suppliers. We are already connected with automotive world.

  • ASN Process

    Get notified as soon as shipping occurs as well as information about the product’s physical nature.

  • Auto Parts Order Fulfillment

    With world-class experience and equipment, everything is in place to have your order fully fulfilled.

  • Repacking for Manufacturer’s Requirement

    Ensure all products and good are repacked exactly to the manufacture’s requirement.

  • Parts Inspection

    All shipped parts are sorted and inspected, ensuring zero defect part is delivered to the final destination.

  • Automotive Parts Sorting & Break Bulk

    We sort and break down all mixed pallets so upon arrival at your plant, they are prepared to go directly to the line or storage.

  • Client-Specified Kitting

    Pick and pack specific parts to support automotive manufacturing operations.

  • Inventory Management

    Our Warehouse Management System ensures that you know where you product is at all times.

  • Cross-Docking

    Save valuable time in the logistical process, minimizing the time between receipt, processing and reshipping.

  • Small Parts Packaging

    Free up precious space and time by using our small parts packaging services.

  • Parts Sequencing

    Pick, pack, and ship parts in the sequence you need them, they can be taken directly to the vehicle assembly line once the shipment is unloaded.

  • Auto Parts Trucking & Transportation

    Automotive and trucking support, delivering mechanical auto parts, auto body parts, auto materials & raw good, and much more.

  • Large Warehouse Space

    With vast warehouse space with locations around the globe, we can easily accommodate your specific automotive inventory requirements.

  • Auto Parts Sequence Delivery (Just In Sequence, Broadcast Delivery)

    Deliver parts directly to the assembly plant in the exact order as received.

  • Inventory Tracking

    Using a modern warehouse management system (WMS), we can accurately identify your product by serial number or weight.

Automotive Parts Warehouse Space At a Fraction Of The Price

In a world of limited warehouse space, it can come at a significant premium. In addition to the increasing costs associated with inventory, delivery, tracking and shipping the product, the beginning-to-end delivery process can seem daunting.

At Logos Logistics, we fully understand the types of these realities our customers could potentially face, which is why we’ve completely streamlined our facilities to shorten delivery time, save money, and successfully keep your inventory well organized. The result? Focus on the core drivers that make your business grow, without the need to lease or build additional space – a win-win!

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