Cross Docking Services

Reduced Supply Chain Costs

Logos Logistics is a cross docking company based in the Midwest that offers efficient cross docking services to ensure your business spends the least amount of money on your overall supply chain process. With spacious cross docking warehouses located in Michigan and Ohio in the Midwest, we are able to offer affordable cross docking solutions to speed up your transportation needs as well as reduce warehousing costs compiled from large inventories, yet to be sold, sitting around the warehouse.

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Cross Docking Operations

At Logos Logistics, we have a cross docking system in place to help businesses simplify and boost their supply chain. We provide a central site for products to be sorted where we combine similar products to be delivered to multiple destinations in the most productive and efficient way.

1. Inbound / Unloading

We receive products from the suppliers or the manufacturing plant and have them store at our cross docking facility for the next process, screening.

2. Sorting

We will have the products sorted (pick and pack) based on your business needs before they are sent off to the final destination, your customers.

3. Screening

We will check for the quality of the products before they are delivered to the final destination.

4. Outbound / Reloading

We will have the sorted and screened products ready for the outbound shipment, minimizing your need and cost of warehousing.

Cross Docking Advantages

We have listed a few main advantages which you can experience through our cross docking services.

Industries We Serve

We will provide the equipment and expert third-party logistics support your company needs to ship, store, and safeguard your specific commodity. We accommodate a wide variety of industries including automotive, food, paper, plastics, consumer products, industrial products, containers & packaging, electronics and more. 

Automotive Parts

Food Grade

Consumer Products

Containers & Packaging


Industrial Products

Paper and Plastics



Cross Docking Warehouses

Logos Logistics - SmartWay Transport Partner Certificate
Logos Logistics - ISO9001 Certified
Logos Logistics - Certified WBENC
Logos Logistics - NMSDC
Logos Logistics - KOTRA
Logos Logistics - Inc. 5000 #805

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