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The U.S. logistics market is at a growing stage post-pandemic, and is being driven by the growing demand for warehouses and rising market rates. Logistics remains a fragmented market by having more than 21,000+ players, with some of the major logistics companies being UPS, FedEx, and Aeronet.

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The e-commerce market continues to boom as the number of internet users has vastly increased, leading to a market penetration rate of 90%. 2023 will see huge growth in e-commerce platforms and Facebook online shopping channels in the coming years, leading to further expansion for the transportation and trucking sectors as their demand will soon skyrocket.

Digital freight platforms allow truckers and shippers to complete transactions online, and monetize via value-added services. This type of business will prove to be more prominent as we move forward to 2024.

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A new market plan from The White House intends to ease the supply chain bottlenecks around the U.S., and primarily operate on data sharing by stakeholders in the supply chain industry. This new project called FLOW (Freight Logistics Optimization Works) is a data-sharing drive that seeks to connect all the stakeholders in the transportation and logistics sectors. This does not exclude port authorities, logistics companies, shippers, truckers, manufacturers, or retailers. This plan will actively organize the logistical operational field for improved efficiencies.

The US Department of Transport has launched a Trucking Action Plan to both recruit more truck drivers and improve the quality of existing jobs to tackle low retention rates while adapting to increasing demand. This plan allows for an alliance with the Department of Labor on registered apprenticeship programs for truck drivers between the ages of 18 and 21, that incorporate safety through elite training standards.

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