Experience high-efficiency and ensure your sequenced parts delivery with the LOGOS TMS App.

Sequenced Parts Delivery Shuttle Service is an approach to manufacturing where components arrive at an assembly line in a specific order at the precise moment they are needed. LOGOS TMS Apps will help the drivers to always have the right part when they move it.

We are pleased to inform our customers that from now on LOGOS TMS is available on any Android-based smart phones! If you want to know the details, please let us know.


  • GEO Fence to track in and out real time in the plant
  • Web-based Tracking and Tracing
  • Trailer Barcode tracking to verify the sequence

Key benefits:

  • Prevent most kinds of mistakes and issues by giving drivers a work-flow and managing them so that they follow the correct sequence.
  • Enhance the efficiency and simplicity by using an RFID system.
  • Vehicle, load, and GPS monitoring system for operators.
  • Step by step prompt direction of next process for drivers to follow