Just In Sequence Manufacturing Services

Sequenced Parts Delivery Shuttle Service is an approach to manufacturing where components arrive at an assembly line in a specific order at the precise moment they are needed, and not before.

Sequenced Parts Delivery Service

At Logos, we provide just in sequence manufacturing services.
The service can be a component of just in time manufacturing, where companies minimize the amount of supplies they have in storage to cut costs and streamline operations. Using these approaches makes a business more flexible and more efficient. It can increase the bottom line without forcing the company to compromise the quality and reliability of its products. With just in sequence, the car company works with the shipper and supplier to get deliveries of the right parts for manufacturing, right as they are needed. Parts come in a specific order, and workers on the assembly line can unpack them directly from shipping containers and install them, without a stop in storage or the need for sorting. The manufacturer can specify the order of the parts down to the color and special features so workers will always have the right part when they need it. Not only does this save time, but this can also significantly reduce company costs as item storage is not necessary and labor costs are reduced.

  • GPS Tracking
  • GEO Fence to track In/Out real time in the plant
  • Web Based Tracking and Tracing
  • Trailer Weight Verification
  • Trailer Barcode tracking to verify the sequence

One of major OEMs required cradles be delivered at specific docks in Just-In-Sequence. Sequenced-Parts-Delivery (SPD) is the ultimate realization of Just-In-Time (JIT) objectives. SPD allows the OEM to assemble in the same sequence for the vehicle that is being built throughout its supply chain while achieving maximum efficiency—zero inventory, zero defect, and zero waste. LOGOS achieves SPD shuttling requirements daily by utilizing our knowledge and our specialized equipment to reduce our client’s trucks, manpower, costs, and risk. When utilizing a just in sequence manufacturing service, note that only a company that carries previous expert knowledge in conducting this approach should implement it. This process requires extremely detailed planning and execution.

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