Intermodal Drayage Service

At Logos, we provide premier intermodal drayage services. We want to ensure we provide our clients with the best possible modes of transportation. Our highest priority at Logos is to offer the most cost-effective and efficient way of transporting our client’s cargo. Standard long-haul shipping on land is only becoming more expensive as gas prices continue to surge. With a shortage of drivers, hours of service regulations, and strict safety protocols, relying only on trucks is becoming a less advantageous approach. We provide a combination of rail, sea, and air shipping to not only save your company money but time as well.

Being that we are one of the top drayage companies, we provide terminal yards with fully fenced and 24/7 monitored on-site security through our top-rated security company. Cargo Security is a top priority for our customers.

LOGOS, Creating & Delivering Value

With our owned fleet of trucks, LOGOS has flexibility to meet all of your intermodal drayage service transportation needs. LOGOS offers convenient yard locations adjacent to the CSX intermodal terminal, NS Livernois intermodal terminal, and Canadian Pacific intermodal terminal in Detroit metro area. Our terminal yards are fully fenced and monitored 24/7 by on-site security through a top-rated security company. Cargo Security is a top priority for our customers.

Drayage Services

  • In-house Carrier for multiple steamship lines
  • Pre-Pull Service
  • Expedited Delivery Service
  • Trailer/Container Storage Service
  • CFS Service
  • Chassis Rental

Key Benefits

  • Single Point of Contact for better freight control
  • GPS Track and Trace by our fleet management
  • No Demurrage through Logos Terminal
  • No Detention through Logos Warehouse
  • Flexible capacity by Logos owned fleet

For more information on our intermodal drayage services, contact one of our support staff members at 734-403-1777 today.

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