Transportation Management

We create a complete international and domestic transportation strategy for your delivery by air, ocean, or land. Our objective is to fulfill customer service requirements by managing your supply chain efficiency by maximizing your resources and stream-lining your transportation network to reduce cycle times and transportation costs.

Analyze and Design

We create and enhance your transportation management through:

  • Optimizing transportation route design
  • Procuring and negotiating the correct carrier contract tailored for your specific needs
  • Customizing Key-Performance Indicators based on your management reporting requirements

Planning and Implementation

Our objective is to continually improve your transportation network; be it financial or process oriented. We can provide it.

Services that create and enhance your transportation management by:

  • Procuring and negotiating all carrier contracts; be it TL, LTL, ocean, air, or rail
  • Interfacing via the world-wide-web, electronic-data-interchange (EDI), other electronic communication, telephone, or fax
  • Providing dedicated transportation
  • Consolidating shipments systematically
  • Constructing and managing load schedules, in-transit status, and delivery confirmation
  • Providing freight audit and payment services
  • Handling loss and damages claims
  • Providing switcher and expediting services
  • Optimizing transportation route design

Operation and Improvement

  • Shipment Planning and Execution
  • Mode Selection and Route Design
  • Carrier Sourcing & Contracting
  • On-site Operations
  • Packaging Consulting
  • OS & D Claims Management
  • Freight Payment & Auditing
  • Logistics KPI Reporting

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