Contract Logistics Service

Contract logistics service combines logistics engineering, deep expertise, and technology which is providing a total network solution that lets you dynamically plan, procure, execute, and streamline product movements.

Contract Logistics Services

At Logos, our contract services consist of supply chain management, transportation management, and dedicated contract carriers. Our experienced professionals offer logistics solutions tailored to each company through an optimized three-step process. We help manage operations so that they are well optimized and functioning at full capacity. Our team will help navigate your business to the most appropriate supply chain to best support your operation.

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Supply Chain Management

Our goal is to examine your supply chain, evaluate each link in your process, and to identify opportunities to simplify and integrate your supply chain processes.

Transportation Management

LOGOS can create a complete international and domestic transportation strategy for your delivery by air, ocean, or land. Our objective is to fulfill customer service requirements by managing your supply chain efficiency. Also, by maximizing your resources, and (stream-lining your) transportation network to reduce cycle times and transportation costs.

Dedicated Contract Carriers

Provide a fully staffed business segment devoted to your transportation solutions and services. Our team is made up of our most knowledgeable and experienced staff members. They are with a goal to be an extension of your business and offering the most efficient and cost-effective solutions.

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