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LOGOS capability by the number as of 2014

Items Facts Remarks
Yearly Volume of Managed Truck Loads 120,000 Truck Load / Year US, Mexico, Canada, Overseas
Yearly Volume of Drayage Deliveries 5,000 TEU / Year Rail Terminal Drayage
Yearly Volume of SPD Deliveries 20,000 Truck Load / Year Sequenced Parts Delivery Service by Logos asset
Yearly Volume of Flat Bed Loads 8,000 Truck Load / Year Chassis Frame
Yearly Volume of International Shipments 400 TEU / Year China, South Korea, Germany, Italy, Middle East
Total Mileage Under Logos Management 18,334,500 Miles / Year 760 times the earth circumference
Border Crossing from Mexico 2,600 Truck Load / Year
Border Crossing from Canada 6,250 Truck Load / Year
Number of Pickup Locations at Parts Suppliers 240 Tier 1 and 2 suppliers locations